Here are some of the commercials where the BGM, SFX, Mix & Master has been handled by Mayur

Shoppers Stop Ad (2019)

Did the BGM/SFX/Mix/Master for this series of festival advertisements for shoppers stop.

World For All (2019)

Created this track for World for all animal adoption with singer Sanjana Devrajan

Created this Orchestral piece for SBI Bank. Along-with the composition, the Arrangement, Sound Design, Mix & Master was also done.

SBI Bank Ad (2018)

Autocar Honda Civic 

Promo (2019)

Did the BGM/SFX/Mix/Master & VO Recording for Autocar

Red Bus Ad (2018)

Did the BGM/SFX/Mix/Master for 4 such trailers for Red Bus

Did this project for for their kabaddi league promo.

Kabaddi League (2017)